Featured Programs
H.O.T. (Hormone Optimization Therapy)
H.O.T. stands for Hormone Optimization Therapy and could be your key to unlocking a better quality of life.
Sexual Health
Bring back the fireworks to the bedroom! Restore performance, increase intimacy, enjoy stronger orgasms and much more!
Medical Fat Loss
Everything you need to jumpstart your fat loss goals and get your body back on track. Features progress tracking, monitoring and follow up with Dr. Lucie

Acne Bootcamp
Medically phased, 3-phase program that eliminates acne, reduces acne scarring, restores your skin and helps maintain your look.
Metabolic Makeover
Dr. Lucie’s signature 10-week “health reset” program. Helps you optimize your metabolism, rebalance hormones and restore peak performance.
Hair Restoration
Help stop current hair loss while working to regrow and strengthen thinning areas. Combines PRP, Microneedling, specialty vitamins and medical grade shampoo.
Advanced Peptides
Advanced, targeted supplements that provide a wide range of health and wellness benefits. We work to create custom program for your specific needs.

FIND OUT MORE - *Excludes prescription service (i.e. supplements, specialty labs, Matisse, Retin-a, etc.)